LED video system GRID25 as a curved, transparent banner

Since several decades the brand FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® is a synonym for innovative technology solutions. Addional we offer creative multimedia event services.


In 1992 we founded FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® GmbH, with our creative LED Video products we grow fast to an international global player.


FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® is engineering and manufacturing the whole high quality LED product line in Germany. Only the best components are good enough to be used in our products. One main reason for our tremendous sucess is the easy operation, the unbeatable flexibility, long life time and high reliabilty.


All of our products are engineered for both indoor and outdoor use and provide LED video displays with unmatched image fidelity and brilliance - even in bright daylight.


FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® systems are available on a purchase or rental basis for exhibitions, special events, architectural applications, concerts and shows anywhere in the world.


We also offer consultancy services across creative LED-video and other entertainment technology, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced team can provide you with comprehensive, individual support and the solutions you need for your project. Give us a try and let us convince you.


FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® LED products: designed & built in Germany