World premiere at the AUDI press conference

GRID 25® is worldwide the first modular, portable and wireless LED video screen


FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES® presents a world premiere for the AUDI press conference at North American International Auto Show in Detroit; world´s first ultra lightweight, modular, portable and wireless LED video screen.


The following YouTube video will show our new system live on stage. You will see the performance of our newest development in the following sections:

- during 0:30 to 2:00 min

- during 7:50 to 8:40 min

- during 12:00 to 13:50 min.



The module size for this LED video screen is 1m x 1m. During the show these modules were moved by actors to get different arrangements.


The modules made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic are only 16mm thick with a weight of only 11kg per sqm include the rechargeable battery pack and the radio transmission system.


"LED to go" show at the AUDI exhibition booth in Detroit 2012